“Voters trust Trump more on the economy” – OUCH! CNN airs brutal two-minute takedown of Joe Biden as Erin Burnett hurls fact checks at his face (VIDEO) | The Gateway expert

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Joe Biden sat down for a one-on-one interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett to discuss his waste-to-waste economy.

Biden thought he was going to have a softball interview with CNN, but he completely broke down when Erin Burnett checked him right in the face.

Burnett pointed out that the economy is the most important issue for voters.

“It is also true, Mr. President, that voters, by a wide margin, have more confidence in Trump on the economy. That’s what they say in polls,” Erin Burnett said.

She continued: “The cost of buying a house in the United States is double – if you look at what it was: the monthly cost before the pandemic.”

“Real income, if you take inflation into account, has actually fallen since you took office,” Burnett said. “Last week’s economic growth fell far short of expectations.”

“Consumer confidence, perhaps unsurprisingly, is near a two-year low. With less than six months to go until Election Day, are you concerned that you are running out of time to turn that around?” Erin Burnett asked Biden.

Biden immediately snapped and rattled off his talking points. Of course, all he did was lie.

“We’ve already turned it around!” Biden exclaimed. “The polling data has been wrong all along!”

Burnett intervened when Biden claimed the US has the strongest economy in the world: “GDP fell far short of expectations.”

Biden denied this, falsely claiming that inflation was 9% when he took office.


The inflation was 1.4% when Biden took office in January 2021.

Joe Biden blamed people’s financial problems on “corporate greed.”

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