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The Pokemon Company is putting on a nice Pokemon Presents showcase today, February 27, and you can can watch it with us!

Yup, what better way is there to celebrate Pokemon Day than tuning into a livestream that may or may not actually offer you the things you’re desprate to see from the franchise about trapping poor creatures in little balls and forcing them to fight on your behalf? There isn’t one is the answer, so get ready to sit down on a virtual sofa with your favorite red-liveried games website and watch it.

You can watch today’s Pokemon presents right above this bit of text you’re currently reading when it airs at 2PM GMT/9AM ET/6AM PT. Come on, get it full-screened, Pokemon Asia’s English YouTube channel is bound to have at least some good things in store.

The showcase is set to last around 13 minutes according to Gematsu, and TPC says it’ll feature “exciting Pok√©mon news in celebration of Pokemon Day 2024”, which defintely isn’t quite vague – though it does sound pretty fun.

What’s actually in store? Well, probably disappointment if you ask the folks over on ResetEra, althrough they have done a nice little poll based around what they actually think might pop up or want to see. Currently, Pokemon Black and White Remakes/Reimaginings is the option leading the way.

Oh, and we’ll also probably be getting details on Pokemon GO’s latest season, which we recently learned is dubbed “World of Wonders” and will run from March 1 to June 1 this year.

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Looking back at last year, the big headlines were some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet expansions for Switch and Pokemon Sleep – with the latter being a sleep-tracking app that rewards you with Pokemon based on the quality of snooze you get. I’m sure millions of people are still using it on a daily basis.

We’ll just have to watch the presentation to find out what the Pokefolks have in store, hopefully it’s some cool stuff!

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