Where to get a bike in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

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The original bike song from Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow is a total bop. And that’s not just nostalgia talking, honest.

So while modern technolgies, which you may or may not be using to replay these classic games, might have given you faster ways to get around in the Generation 1 Pokemon games, you still need a bike to use the cycling road to the left of Celadon City.

The cycling road is techically optional – you could go down from Lavender Town past the Snorlax to get to Fuschia City instead – but it’s still worth grabbing a bike just for the sake of completeness and to battle the trainers along the cycling road for XP.

Up to this point, it’s extremely easy to totally miss where you get the bike and bike voucher, so here’s where to look!

How to get a bike in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow

To get a bike in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, you first need to collect a bike voucher – otherwise it will be too expensive to buy.

Go to Vermillion City, south of Cerulean City where Misty is the Gym Leader, and go to the street between Lt. Surge’s gym and the Pokemon Center.

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Next to the water on the left, you find the Pokemon Fan Club. Inside, speak to the man in the hat. He’s the fan club president and loves to gush about Pokemon in general.

Tell him you want to hear about his pokemon and he’ll launch into a long-winded and unnervingly sensual speech about his Rapidash. In exchange for keeping quiet about his outburst, you’re given a bike voucher.

With the bike voucher in-hand, travel back up the road to Cerulean City. Down one street from the Pokemon Center, you find the bike shop. Speak to the salesman and exchange your voucher for a shiny new bike!

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