‘White Collar’ reboot in the works, honoring Willie Garson

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With “White Collar” seeing a resurgence in popularity years after its end, it looks like fans will soon have new episodes to watch. Series creator Jeff Eastin revealed on Variety‘s TV Fest announced on Thursday that a new version of the police procedural is in the making.

“We are going to restart. I’m writing the script,” he said on a panel alongside stars Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay and Tiffany Thiessen. Bomer confirmed his involvement, saying, “I’m in!” while DeKay and Thiessen also raised their hands.

“It’s a fantastic script and it answers all the questions you would have watching the show,” DeKay said, “and it would also introduce the show to those who haven’t seen it yet. Both sides of the sword are sharpened.”

Willie Garson, who played Mozzie in ‘White Collar’ and passed away in 2021, will nod to him in the reboot.

“It also honors Willie in a profound way,” DeKay said. “With so much sensitivity and so much heart,” Thiessen added. “I told Jeff after I finished it that I was literally so excited, but at the same time I had tears in my eyes – for good reason. You captured the suspense, the suspense, the characters and the love in that reboot.”

It seems likely that the reboot will land on Hulu, although this is currently unconfirmed. “White Collar” originally aired on US cabler NBCUniversal, but Fox Television Studios handled production, meaning Disney now owns the IP. DeKay noted during the panel that “the hope is that it will be a particular streamer.”

Eastin gave no details about the plot, but said that when writing the series’ conclusion in 2014, he deliberately left things open. After the procedurals took off on Netflix over the past year, rewatching “White Collar” became a more tangible option.

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“If you make it to the finals, with Neal [Bomer] walking in Paris, that was always the intention,” he said. “I always left it open, and as the years went by, it seemed more like a distant hope. But say thank you to ‘Suits’ for starting this streaming trend. They did a great job and got people watching ‘White Collar’ on Netflix right now. It does that really well. Then it’s like, ‘Hey, let’s do another one.'”

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