Wildermyth’s developers are going into hibernation, with no sequel or new project planned

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Turn-based tactical RPG Wildermyth is one of the best games Sin has ever played. It got a second DLC, Omenroad, which turned it into a roguelike earlier this month.

Omenroad turns out to be the end of the road, however, both for Wildermyth and – for now – for the team that made it, Worldwalker Games.

“Active development on Wildermyth is complete. We will continue to support the game and fix critical bugs, but don’t expect new content, going forward. We will be saying farewell to many of our team members. Worldwalker Games is going into hibernation for now,” wrote studio co-owner Nate Austin in an announcement.

The announcement isn’t the result of Omenroad’s sales performance, which is apparently “doing quite well”. Instead, Austin says that they’re “going into hibernation because we are done with this project.”

It sounds as if, while there’s no timeline, this may not be the end of Worldwalker Games forever. “I’m pretty sure we’ll eventually find something else to pour our passion into, and we’ll let you know about it when the time comes.”

Austin elaborated on that thought, telling PC Gamer that “the only way we know how to [find a new project] is by going off into the metaphorical wilderness for a while.” Austin also says that they’re “not excited to make a Wildermyth sequel” after 11 years of working on the original.

We spoke to the team at Worldwalker in 2022 to learn more about that eleven-year development process.

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