‘Wow’: Why two Saskatoon high school students are getting national recognition

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Two students from Centennial Collegiate in Saskatoon are gaining national attention for their innovative ideas.

Yurui Qin, 16, took part in the Ingenious+ Challenge with her AI-QUA Savior robot, which she designed to assist in underwater search and rescue operations.

“It’s essentially an underwater search and rescue robot. How it works is that the robot can move autonomously, so it moves independently with its sensors. It can sink. It can rise in the water on its own,” Qin said.

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Qin is currently obtaining materials to complete her second prototype.

Kathy Han, a Grade 9 student, took top honors at the 2024 Canadian Science Fair in Ottawa.

Han earned the prize by designing another option for cancer treatment.

“My project is about designing biomimetic nanovessels,” Han said.

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“So nanoships are like little carriers. And then we use antibodies to engineer them so that they can activate T cells and essentially prime T cells to kill cancer cells.”

Han did not always want to do cancer research. She originally wanted to study zoology, but when her mother was diagnosed with a tumor, her goals changed.

Wendy Benson, the director of Centennial Collegiate, says when talking about the girls, “What comes to mind is the word ‘wow.’”

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Benson says she is beyond proud of what the two have accomplished.

“These are two incredible young ladies who are incredibly humble but will definitely be ones to watch in the future.”

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