Trump ‘got a little physical’ with attorney Susan Necheles during Stormy Daniels Testimony: Report

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Donald Trump reportedly got a little “physical” with one of his lawyers, Susan Nechelesduring the impressive testimony of Stormy Daniels in his hush money trial in New York, has learned.

The trial took a stunning turn Tuesday when the adult film star was unexpectedly called to the witness stand to answer questions about the alleged $130,000 hush money payment she claimed she received in 2016. Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer,” Michael Cohenreportedly paid her the amount in exchange for her silence about an affair she allegedly had with the former president.

CNN reported and hosted the latest court developments during a lunch break on Tuesday Anderson Cooper commented on “how upset Donald Trump seems to be,” per Mediaite. His assessment was based on the network’s coverage of the trial, which does not allow cameras to record the proceedings.

Cooper said he suspected the former president was “urging his lawyers to intervene more and object more” as Daniels addressed the court.

“I have no doubt that he is now giving them an earful about what he wants to see in the future,” he said

CNN’s chief legal correspondent Paula Reid agreed, saying Trump was “really scrutinizing his lawyers.”

She pointed out that during the previous day’s cross-examination of a Trump Organization accounting officer, the former president “contorted his entire body and looked at everything Todd said.”

Reid alleged, “He got a little physical with Susan Necheles, one of his attorneys, and hit her a little on the arm, prompting her to object.”

“He has had tough conversations with all three of them,” the correspondent continued, referring to Trump’s legal team. “He clearly has a lot of ideas about exactly how this defense should be executed.”

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While it remained unclear which member of the defense team would question Daniels, Reid assumed that “whoever did it” was “getting an earful from his client” at this point.

If Daniels reported that Trump raised his wife, Melania Trump shortly after they met in his Lake Tahoe hotel room in July 2006.

When Trump showed Daniels a photo of Melania, the witness said she called his wife “very beautiful,” to which Trump allegedly replied that they “don’t even sleep in the same room,” according to CNN. Kaitlan Collins reported from the courtroom.

“Trump shook his head and muttered something to his legal team as she said this,” Collins wrote of Trump’s reaction to the testimony. “He seems increasingly irritated as she testifies.”

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